Return to Ithaca

The Covid-19 pandemic spurned me to study the Greek poet Homer and his Odyssey with a view to using this narrative as a starting point for understanding the world I inhabit. As a young woman who has experienced misogyny; who fears for the global future- both politically and ecologically- and, who wonders, like all young adults, what life is all about, this is a unique moment to be an artist. For Return to Ithaca (2020) I used a selection of images taken on beaches in Wales. The person here is a child, an image of hope. In future I aim to incorporate this drawing into a yet unfinished 50' scroll that depicts other people from the photo that this face is based on, people who are flawed, and unable to see the goodness and potential that needs to be nurtured in the appealing little face portrayed here.

Return to Ithaca 2021, Graphite on paper, 10" x 10" x 0.1"