A self-named Modern Traditionalist, EWL is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in painting and drawing. She seeks to rethink and personalize art historic concepts such as genre painting, portraiture, and symbolism, exploring such themes as the drug epidemic and drug addiction; depression and mental health; feminism; the environment, waste, and animal rights; and spirituality and symbolism (including proverbs). EWL is also the founder of Rarebit Press, EWL Bespoke and LUXVGN.


Recent Work:

2019 | (Pending) Bad Bags/Good Bags, Welkulturen Museum, Frankfurt

2018 | Featured artist, A5 Magazine #20

2018 | Solo show, Paper Nature III, University Women’s Club, Vancouver

2018 | Solo show, Paper Nature, Round Hill Studio, Annapolis Royal

2018 | CSSDP exhibition, contributing artist, UBC Nest, Vancouver

2018 | Paper Garden, solo show, Visual Space Gallery, Vancouver

2018 | Illustrated Missy the One-Eyed Dog Coast-to-Coast

2018 | Contributing artist, “Wash your Bowl”, Perpendicular Play Vol. 2, This What Arts Collective

2017 | Contributing film [maker], I Don’t Feel Like Talking for Monster Mash: A Celebration of Horror, Zombies and Unicorns, presented by Citizens on Moral Hygiene and Unicorn Headbutt, CineCycle, Toronto

2017 | Solo show, EWL’S Downtown East Side, The Cheeky Proletariat, Vancouver

2017 | Paint the Town Contestant, Annapolis Royal

2017 | Contributing artist, Bad Bags/Good Bags traveling exhibition, New York and Frankfurt

2017 | Winner of DTES Artist’s Grant

2017 | Illustrator and author, Liscombe’s Faerie Tales Volume One

2017 | Illustrator, Missy the One-Eyed Dog and the Feet on the Street

2017 | Eco Art Exhibition at Gallery 1313, Toronto

2016 | Illustrator, Missy the One-Eyed Dog

2016 | Co-curator, House at the Phoenix, Vancouver

2016 | Curated solo exhibition The Four Seasons at the Phoenix, Vancouver

2016 | Co-Curator, Ai Wei Wei Frames exhibition at Hatch Gallery, Vancouver

2015 | Phoenix Gallery summer exhibition

2015 | Curated solo exhibition The Vancouver Show at Gam Gallery, Vancouver

2015 | Concatenation exhibition at UBC Audain Gallery, Vancouver

2015 | Performed I Don’t Feel Like Talking, subsequently inspired ban against sharp objects at UBC arts department

2014 | Curated solo exhibition Rebelieving in a Post-Apocalyptic World at UBC TAG Gallery, Vancouver

2014 | VASA Winter exhibition at UBC TAG Gallery, Vancouver

2014 | Contributing artist, Street Outreach magazine

2014 | Kinetica exhibition at UBC Audain Gallery

2014 | Radical Spirits winter exhibition

2014 | Failure exhibition at UBC TAG Gallery

2013 | Beau Dick study – Alert Bay mural



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