EWL is a modern-traditionalist artist and designer.  She aims to redefine line and genre in her art, working through themes of narrative, feminism, and ecological issues; while re-legitimizing elegance in composition. Her practice extends from formal portraiture to panel painting; large scale graphite drawing and ‘modern literati’ ink works; conceptual sculpture and performance art.


Recent Work:


2018 | CSSDP exhibition, contributing artist, UBC Nest

2018 | Paper Garden, solo show, Visual Space Gallery

2018 | Illustrated Missy the One-Eyed Dog Coast-to-Coast

2018 | Contributing artist, “Wash your Bowl”, Perpendicular Play Vol. 2, This What Arts Collective

2017 | Contributing film [maker], I Don’t Feel Like Talking for Monster Mash: A Celebration of Horror, Zombies and Unicorns, presented by Citizens on Moral Hygiene and Unicorn Headbutt, CineCycle, Toronto

2017 | Solo show, EWL’S Downtown East Side, The Cheeky Proletariat

2017 | Paint the Town Contestant, Annapolis Royal

2017 | Good Bags/Bad Bags traveling exhibition, New York and Frankfurt

2017 | Winner of DTES Artist’s Grant

2017 | Illustrator and author, Liscombe’s Faerie Tales Volume One

2017 | Illustrator, Missy the One-Eyed Dog and the Feet on the Street

2017 | Eco Art Exhibition at Gallery 1313

2016 | Illustrator, Missy the One-Eyed Dog

2016 | Co-curator, House at the Phoenix

2016 | Curated solo exhibition The Four Seasons at the Phoenix

2016 | Co-Curator, Ai Wei Wei Frames exhibition at Hatch Gallery

2015 | Phoenix Gallery summer exhibition

2015 | Curated solo exhibition The Vancouver Show at Gam Gallery

2015 | Concatenation exhibition at UBC Audain Gallery

2014 | Curated solo exhibition Rebelieving in a Post-Apocalyptic World at UBC TAG Gallery

2014 | VASA Winter exhibition at UBC TAG Gallery

2014 | Contributing artist, Street Outreach magazine

2014 | Kinetica exhibition at UBC Audain Gallery

2014 | Radical Spirits winter exhibition

2014 | Failure exhibition at UBC TAG Gallery

2013 | Beau Dick study – Alert Bay mural



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